Born and bred in Columbia, South Carolina, Ashley Nichole has spent the past four years honing her leathercraft. A relative neophyte, she strives daily to breathe new life into a dying art and relishes showing old dogs new tricks in a largely male-dominated trade. Ashley Nichole places a high priority on community and is honored to be among a new generation of leatherworkers. In 2013 she added jewelry-making to her repertoire and currently creates works that strike a balance between whimsy and the macabre.

   In her daily life, Ashley Nichole is a Lovecraftian scholar forever pursuing arcane knowledge. Opting towards reclusivity, she adores the nuances of her home and hearth: cats curled and begging for petting, video games (some conquered, some not), stacks of books with well-worn pages and a circle of friends and allies that she loves with a fierce and fiery loyalty.